Top 6 Final Cut Pro X cheaper alternatives

You might want a cheap video editing software as an alternative to Final Cut PRO X. For those of you who are into video editing, you probably should know that in this market, Apple has some great products, and Final Cut Pro X is now recognized as one of the most efficient tools to use when you have to do a video editing jobs. Yes, it is a professional and expensive video editing software, but there are also several video editing alternatives if you are looking for a cheaper program on your Mac or as an alternative editor for your second computer.

Final Cut Pro Price – $299 + taxes / VAT

Without further ado, this is our top 6 Final Cut Pro X cheaper alternatives to choose from if you are into cheap video editing or a beginner in this area.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro – Your Top Final Cut PRO alternative

If you did not have the chance to already know about the Premiere Pro, I am sure that you`ve heard about Adobe and how they manage to deliver high-quality software for a lot of niches. Adobe Premiere Pro is a Final Cut Pro X cheaper alternative, and it can offer you any tools you could wish for. More than that, you can add side plugins to the editor to make work as you want. 

On the other side, Premier Pro cannot do very much on the animation side, but Adobe is also delivering these services using Photoshop and After Effects which are some very handy tools for a video editor.

You will love Adobe Premiere Pro because:

  • It has a lot of tools, and you can switch things up and combine materials using third-party plugins
  • Also, it is the best tool for editors looking to step-up the quality of their product, but also willing to create a full animation or animated design using other software.

You might not like that:

  • If you are going to pay for this software monthly, the price is similar to the Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Pro is a little complicated compared to other similar software

Adobe Premiere Pro Price versus Final Cut Pro Price: $239 vs $299

Adobe Premier Pro Prices:

Annual prepaid plan: $239

Monthly paid plan: $20.99 /month

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2. Wondershare Filmora X

It may be our no 2 cheap video editing software but it can be your number 1 Final Cut Pro X cheaper alternative if you are not a big fan of the mainstream software. Filmora is well known for its capacity for making things easier. When video editing gets easy, your content is published faster, and your audience gets what is waiting for. Filmora is a software you can count on when it comes to video cropping, trimming, or even more complicated actions such using overlays, motion effects, or merging different clips you`ve taken.

You will love Wondershare Filmora because:

  • It is full of editing features, color correction, and an awesome capacity of audio merging into the clips.
  • Filmora is well known for how easy it is to edit with. It has a lot of templates and features to benefit from.
  • There is also a free version provided by Wondershare which will satisfy most of your editing needs.

You might not like that:

Filmora is a great tool to use even if you are a beginner but if you’re a FCPX experienced user already it might not offer the same level of complexity.

Wondershare Filmora X Price versus Final Cut Pro Price: $51.99 vs $299

Wondershare Filmora X Price

Annual Plan Option: Filmora Annual Plan (subscription): $51.99 + taxes/VAT

Lifetime Plan Option: Filmora X Lifetime Plan: $99.99 + taxes/VAT

With Updates Plan: Filmora X + Updates Plan: $111.99 + taxes/VAT

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3. Avid Media Composer

Avid has released in 2021 a new update for its popular and cheap video editing software – Avid Media Composer 2021.3 This update improved the skin colour layout (for better screen enhancement), faster key nodes and transitions. The software is now compatible with macOS Big Sur and the latest Macbook Pro’s.


Avid Media Composer First is a free editing software. New users must create an Avid account to download and set up the program on their computers. 

If you’re a professional or prousumer type, then you might want to look at the paid version of the software starting at $23.99/month or $239.00/year. 

Avid Media Composer versus Final Cut Pro Price: $239 vs $299

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4. DaVinci Resolve 17 – Final Cut X Pro cheap video editing software alternative

DaVinci Resolve was not a fully comprehensive cheap video editing tool from the beginning. It started as a color grading app which later developed features that made end-to-end video editing possible for its users. Now, it is one of the most used video editing software around the world, and it can offer you all the tools you may need to edit your video content in the manner that you are already used. If you are a beginner in the industry, DaVinci Resolve is also a very good tool that can be used to learn the basics, and not only.

You will love DaVinci Resolve because:

  • It’s free! Yes you heard right. You have a professional video editor for free.
  • Best tools for color grading.
  • Widely used among Hollywood’s professionals.
  • DaVinci Resolve is a tool that encourages you to tell the story behind your product or life. You can create movie-type content using this software.

You might not like that:

  • It may be a little over complicated for a beginner.
  • You are going to need a powerful PC to run and use this software smoothly.

DaVinci Resolve versus Final Cut Pro Price: $0 vs $299

5. Camtasia

Camtasia is #1 choice in terms of screen recording while adding a strong and robust video editor. Most users love the control that Camtasia 2021 is giving over the material while editing. The interface is very friendly which makes this software easy to use for beginners and new users.

You will love Camtasia because:

  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Top notch screen recorder
  • Camtasia 2021 comes with plenty of video editing improvements

You might not like that:

Camtasia is limited when it comes to more spohisticated video editing features such as color corrections or motion tracking.

Camtasia versus Final Cut Pro Price: $249 vs $299


Camtasia 2021: $249.99 + taxes/VAT

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6. Movavi Video Suite – another Cheap Video Editing software alternative

Movavi Video Suite has been around since 2004. This video editor is great for both beginners and experts. With the last update in 2021, Movavi has upgraded all the effects and the transitions from its last precedessor plus an immense improvement for the Mac Version.

You will love Movavi Video Suite because:

  • Timeline markers & animations
  • Built-in training modules
  • 4K rendering

You might not like that:

  • Slow rendering with big files

Movavi Video Suite versus Final Cut Pro Price: $79.95 vs $299


Movavi Video Suite Yearly subscription: $79.95 + taxe/VAT

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If you are looking for the cheapest software to either replace FCPX or to launch into the video editing space there’s some nice tools you can try out. 

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