Top 5 free video editors available for everyone

Since almost any business and industry is moving towards an online presence, they’ll likely search for one of the top 5 free video editing software solutions. That is because more and more entrepreneurs and companies start to develop strategies aiming at the creation of video content for the online platforms in which they are active already. This means that the request for video content is growing fast, but at the same time the necessity for the people to manage, produce, edit, and maintain a good delivery quality for this type of content. Companies start to ask for video editing skills more often. If you didn’t know that, you better trust me because this is reality. But if you knew it and you are here looking for some free video editors, this is what we are going to talk about. Here is our top.

1. Avid Media Composer

If you have no experience in video editing, this editor is probably not the best choice. Before the launch of the free version, Avid Media Composer was well known as the editor used in the big industry for the most important and complex projects. The Guardian of Galaxy was edited using Avid. But, with the launch of the free version, that professionalism is no longer available, and all we have now is a very powerful free video editor that can satisfy your needs with no problems. It is still able to handle big projects, and it is compatible with Windows and Mac.

2. Lightworks

Stop dreaming about that Final Cut Pro ! It is good, it looks awesome, but you can have the same tools and experience for free using Lightworks. It is one of the few free video editors that can help you manage important projects that you can call movies. The quality of the footage will not be lost in the process of editing thanks to the non-linear characteristic of Lightworks.

3. ShotCut

We love a free video editor that has a good evolution in development because this tells us that ShotCut is worthy to be in our top 5 free video editors. Not many people know that ShotCut started as a Linux based software and after a couple of years they made it compatible with Mac and Windows. It is one of the oldest video editors out there, and with the free version, you can only win the battle against editing already.

ShotCut may look a little bit old because of the lack of interface updates, but don’t worry, it is intuitive to the limits! Take a quick look at how easy it is to import files into your projects only by drag and drop. It is known for its filter selection that can be applied to your movies. You will have many options to choose from. More than that, each filter can be customized in order for you to achieve a smooth effect for your scenes.

4. Blender

We wanted to create a top 5 free video editors that are giving everyone the opportunity to find the editor soulmate. Blender is the type of editor that not many of you are in search of. Blender is specialized in 3D Modelling. Yes, maybe you`ve seen ads or commercials saying that Blender is a video editor like any other available on the market, But you are going to have to trust me on this one. When a product is good at something, you have to take that for granted and not use Blender for all-purpose video editing. 

It can do it, but not on a high, professional level like the other. Blender is for those of you who would love to jump in 3D Modelling, especially when it’s for free. Very important note, 3d Modelling software is never cheap. The only thing you might not like about it is the interface. Prepare yourself to be patient and successful.

5. OpenShot – last, but not least in the top 5 free video editing software solutions

Compatible with Windows and Max, OpenShot it special. It is one of the few video editors that are very well-known to be efficient on Linux. Yes, you heard me. This is the free video editor to go if you are a Linux user. It supports any video format, it is free, and the interface is not bad at all.

It has a clean look, it’s intuitive, it can fulfill tasks like rendering, 3D-rendering, animation, and even add video effects. We can say that OpenShot needs to be in a top 3, thanks to the number of updates it receives often. If you are looking for a free video editor compatible with Linux, it is easy to use and it can deliver good looking materials. Give OpenShot a try!


I hope that you can make a decision now for one of the top 5 free video editing software solutions. Try them all, learn as much as possible using them and leave us a comment telling us what choice you made. Thank you.


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