What do skateboarders use to edit their videos? [updated]

Those amazing frames that capture every jump made by an athlete on a skateboard are the result of a set of editions and changes made to the best video editing tools. Obviously, if it had not been filmed with the help of professional cameras, it could not have been fully exploited. But assuming a camcorder is the first thing you’ve already bought to film your skateboarding tricks, here’s how you can edit the freshly filmed material.

Adobe Premiere Pro

For pros and amateurs alike, Premiere Pro is one of the greatest video editing software available. It’s a terrific option for folks who have a basic understanding of filmmaking and wish to create professional video material. Its popularity can be attributed to a number of factors. The program includes a non-linear video editing interface, a rich feature set, and an unparalleled system of working tools.

An interface that forces you to be productive. Users require an interface that allows them to work comfortably while maintaining optimum performance and efficiency. That is why Adobe Premiere Pro is updated on a regular basis to improve its user interface. The developers, for example, increased the keyframe fidelity in dynamic graphics. For a more seamless workflow, Adobe Premiere Pro connects with Adobe Premiere Elements free version and other Adobe applications. This enables team members to collaborate on each other’s projects in different programs without interrupting their processes. Colleagues can also simply communicate without having to leave the app.

Users can open many projects at once using this home video editing software. It implies they can shift footage from one project to another and swap between sequences. This fantastic solution saves even more time by automatically adding important sequences to the video they’re working on.

Multiple formats are available. Frame loss or mild distortion might occur when converting movies from one format to another. In order to avoid this, the software has been modified to handle more original formats. This enables editors to input clips directly from the cameras without having to convert them beforehand.

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Magix Movie Edit Pro

A well-looking UI, industry-standard shortcuts, and a very easy-to-use software make this a good video editing app for novices with enough functionality to grow with you once you feel you’ve mastered the basics.

Adding clips is a good example: most other competing programs allow you to organize your clips before using them in a project. This allows you to import footage into your project, organize it in bins (aka folders), name it, and do whatever else you need to do so that you have all of the clips at your fingertips when creating a project. That is not how Movie Edit Pro Premium works. Instead, selecting a clip adds it to your timeline right away. If you select multiple clips, they will be added in chronological sequence.

Once you’ve added your clips to your project, they’ll appear as large square thumbnails by default. The basic interface of Movie Edit Pro Premium is meant to keep the editing process as simple as possible. Other options are indicated by a series of icons on the top right of the Timeline section.

The third from the left provides a more typical representation, with clips denoted by rectangles whose lengths are proportional to their time. This increase in complexity is beneficial, especially if you are new to the editing process.

If you’re used to generating movies in other apps, you’ll feel right at home here when it comes to editing. Almost everything works as planned. Trimming and moving clips is simple; you may navigate using the keyboard or the standard JKL keys (which are typically used to rewind). Trimming and moving clips is simple, and you may navigate using the keyboard.

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Wondershare Filmora 12

Its capabilities have occasionally lagged behind those supplied by competitors, but its tenth version, Filmora X, was launched in October 2020 and includes some major new enhancements that customers had requested: motion tracking, keyframing, color matching, and audio ducking. We evaluate these new features in our Filmora X review to help you decide if this is the perfect software for you.

Filmora X is an excellent alternative for inexperienced editors who want to have a good time creating videos. It has an appealing interface, is simple to learn, and includes a lot of features that promote creativity. 

However, because many of its features are intended to be simple, they lack manual options for fine-tuning adjustments. Adobe Premiere Elements or Pinnacle Studio, if you’re confident enough to try a more difficult solution, maybe a better choice if you want to be accurate.

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Photo by Manuel Moreno on Pexels.com


The recent iOS updates for iMovie apps on iPhone and iPad devices (versions 3.0.0 to 3.0.1) have introduced a slew of speed improvements and bug fixes. There are three new animation titles, as well as three new filters (Comic, Comic Mono, and Ink). There are also 25 new soundtracks for a variety of genres (that automatically change to meet the length of your movie) (Slide, Split, and dual-color Chromatic).

In version 3.0.1, you can now import and share 4K videos at 60 frames per second, as well as view, edit, and share HDR video from your Photos library. Users can also change the color of the background and the filter’s intensity.

iMovie gets an extra five filters in the latest big’ update for macOS, two more than the iOS release, to offer users a hand-drawn aesthetic to their videos. Comic, Comic Mono, Comic Vintage, Comic Sepia, and Ink are some of the filters available.

The features operate as expected and do a fine job of turning your footage into a comic book, but this update lacks a lot of wow factor unless you’re seeking to make a film that looks like A Scanner Darkly (remember that?).


We know that we did not give you so many details about how you can use these tools for your skateboard content, but it is more important to understand how helpful some of these tools can be. If you want to look good when you are skating in the park, make sure that you are using a tool to maximize your potential. Stay safe!

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