Top 3 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Top 3 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

If you don’t have a clear picture of your project and you just want the video editing software to help you develop a better video, you’re probably a beginner in this industry. If you’ve never opened a video editing software, you’re a beginner, and if you just need to do a few tweaks, cuts, and change the sound of a video clip, but haven’t done so before, you’re most likely a beginner.

But don’t worry, this article is special for you and all the other users who need a video editor and don’t know which is the best choice. Today we are talking about the top 3 best video editing software for beginners.

Adobe Premiere Pro

You should not be scared of the word PRO. This tool is perfect for a beginner’s needs. With simple preparation with a YouTube tutorial, you will be able to edit your videos at such a good level that there will be almost no difference between you and an editor with years of experience. Adobe Premiere Pro is very easy to use and learn, especially for those of you who need basic project changes.

You’ve probably learned about Adobe Premiere Pro from content creators who talk about it in their YouTube videos. Before you pay for an Adobe Premiere Pro subscription, it’s a good idea to find out how this tool can help you.

For starters, Adobe Premiere Pro is a good tool for beginners because it helps you a lot to organize the media elements that will be used in your project. Even if you have videos, sounds, and songs or graphics, Adobe Premiere Pro automatically sorts and arranges them into different sections so you can use them more easily.

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Three-point editing

Creating something beautiful out of an 80-minute continuous footage file is no easy task. With Adobe Premiere Pro, you will be able to use the complex panels it provides. You can edit the raw material and then include snippets in the final clip. Your screen will look exactly like the ones you see in professional videos. Beginners in Adobe Premiere Pro will appreciate the filters in this tool, as well as the fact that you can create fairly simple transitions and. Adobe also renders for a 20-minute clip at 1080p in less than an hour.

Filmora X

Filmora is one of the easiest to use and learn tools in the industry. It offers a great advantage to users because it supports over 50 different media formats, is compatible with editing 4K files, has Filmstock effects included and can be used for both basic and advanced editing.

Now here is the information we consider most important. Because we are talking about a video editor that is intended for those at the beginning, it is very important to keep in mind that beginners do not have high-performance equipment or state-of-the-art technology. So if versions of Windows 7, 8 or 10 are installed on your computer, Filmora will be compatible with them. Moreover, the software also works well on the Mac. It’s more difficult until you install the tool, but then everything comes with Filmora X.You will have a lot of functions and tools, and your videos will no longer have the Filmora watermark.

The Filmora interface is extremely intuitive, easy to follow and is designed for users who need a video editor for their own videos. The edited material is found on a timeline, and most difficult things can be done with a drag and drop command.

To conclude the little guide to Filmora in a great style, we will tell you about the most interesting and convenient features that Filmora X has. If you have just started a YouTube channel and want to use Filmora to edit the videos that will be uploaded there, you will see that you can do much more than that. After you finish editing the video, with the help of Filmora X, you will be able to upload it directly to YouTube.

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Lumen 5

Adobe Premiere Pro and Filmora X are excellent tools for those who want to take small steps in video editing. But when you are a beginner, things are harder than they seem and it might be helpful to have a tool that thinks for you. It’s a little weird to say that, but Lumen 5 is a video editing tool that works with artificial intelligence technology. It is one of the fastest video editing softwares, and once you get used to it, you will only need a few minutes to complete a clip.

Lumen 5 has chosen a niche to specialize in, and that niche is social media. If you need posts that increase a page’s engagement, Lumen 5 is one of the best options available. Artificial intelligence helps a lot in generating effects and building perfect clips for marketing campaigns.

Most novice users have connections to this content creation industry. Whether we are talking about marketing or communication specialists, bloggers, influencers who are starting to have contracts, online stores or even used by social media who use these channels to grow their business, they all use them to get people’s reactions.

Lumen 5 allows you to convert a blog post into a video clip, quickly and efficiently edit any video material, gather media files from a post simply by clicking a link, access collections of thousands of photos, music backgrounds, add logos, watermarks, change resolutions, and many other trendy features.

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The most recommended video editing tools for beginners were presented, and now it’s your turn to choose the one you think can help you the most to create the materials you need. Each tool presented in this article is used by millions of users, but it also depends a lot what your needs are. Choose carefully!

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