How to edit TikTok video on PC, and Why? | [updated]

How to edit TikTok videos on PC, and Why?

Content created on TikTok is increasingly appreciated and effective for agencies, brands, or even online stores. However, editing a clip for later posting on TikTok is a completely different task. Being active on TikTok is simple, but being a good editor on TikTok is something completely different.

Today we will try to give you some tips and a few steps to follow to edit TikTok videos using your PC or Mac. To do this, you will need a few tools, and these are none other than the famous editing programs such as Adobe Premiere Rush, Filmora or Movavi. 

Does TikTok limit your content creators’ creativity?

Firstly, if you are already a content creator and want to expand to TikTok, you will probably feel some notable differences. Most vlog content creators have noticed that TikTok doesn’t give them the opportunity to create and edit timelapses, Ken Burns, or other similar effects. For these, you will need an editor.

The biggest noticeable difference today is related to the length of the clips, which on TikTok are 60 seconds or maximum 10 minutes. If you need to record more and then make cuts, you will need to use other software to film and edit.

Filming through the TikTok application will also limit you in terms of video format. If you want to use that video on multiple platforms, you will also need to use a separate tool. Most likely, TikTok will gradually add all the tools you need as a content creator, but this will take longer. Until then, the only effective solution remains the whole editor on the PC.

The advantages of knowing how to edit TikTok videos on PC

Like any other method of editing or promoting content in the online environment, editing on a PC to be able to publish material on TikTok has certain advantages and disadvantages. We will start with the advantages because they are obvious and are among the most important arguments we could have. Firstly, editing with external tools will help you use the materials on other content platforms as well.

You will have more control over your videos. You will be able to upload much longer videos because the editor allows you to edit more minutes of material. But perhaps the most important advantage, you will have access to professional editing modes. The vide editor is a professional one, and the team that developed it has decades of experience. It will definitely be easier, more efficient, and simpler.

Disadvantages of using an external editor

The main disadvantage that could convince you to stay in the application to edit videos is that you will not have access to the library of effects and features offered by TikTok. Unfortunately, you will only be able to use them in the application, and if you decide that you do not need them, the external editor will be useful, but if you frequently use the tools provided by TikTok, you will certainly miss them.

Another major disadvantage of external video editors is that in order to edit videos in a professional editor, you need knowledge and experience. Some editing programs can be quite difficult to use.

How to edit TikTok videos on your computer

Now that we’ve removed the most important questions that may come to mind for those who need to edit videos for TikTok, it’s time to figure out the steps you need to take to successfully edit videos on your PC.

Step 1– The first step is always the simplest. What you will need to do immediately after launching the application is to choose what materials you want to edit. With a simple click, you will be able to upload to your computer all the materials you want to use in your video.

Step 2– Step 2 is probably the most important of all, because the clips on TikTok follow a fairly standard format. All clips are shot vertically only and can only be viewed vertically, so you will need to change the size at which the clips will be edited. Aspect ratio of 9:16 is the setting you need.

Step 3– In step 3, you will need to add sounds and songs to your videos. You can use the libraries of the software you use, or you can upload a sound from your own library.

Step 4– From here, it all depends on you. You can add items, shorten the clip, change textures, colors, or even add pop-ups.

 Best video editor which helps you learn how to edit TikTok videos on PC

1) Wondershare Filmora for TikTok


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  • Basic features 
  • Social media friendly 
  • Easy to use 
  • Lots of tutorials 

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2) Movavi Video Editor for TikTok


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  • Good animations and effects 
  • Built-in training module
  • 4K rendering 

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3) Adobe Premiere Rush

The video editor for professional influencers.


  • Clear, flexible interface
  • Many organizational tools
  • Responsive speed
  • Rich ecosystem of video production apps
  • Excellent stabilization tool
  • Unlimited multicam angles

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Now that you know how to edit TikTok videos on PC, please remember that:

Editing clips for TikTok using an external editor is more efficient, more professional, and gives your clips a sense of involvement.

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