Top 5 reasons to choose Vegas Pro 18

Here’s the 5 top reasons to choose Vegas Pro 18 for your 2021 video projects

I remember how some 15 years ago I used to enjoy working/playing with this hyper popular nonlinear video editing software called back then Sony Vegas. These were awesome video edting programs and very performant for that time (around the year 2005). Times have changed and since being purchased by Magix in 2016, the company has continued its development with an extended care for its user-pro friendly approach.

The Updated version of Vegas Pro 18

These days there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding what video editor is best and what may be best for you in your specific workflow may not work for others.

Vegas Pro is undoubtedly one of the best professional video editors on the market, along side with its competitors (Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve) of the high-end marketplace. The Vegas Pro 18 release has added tons of new features and feature improvements to enhance workflow performance such as: AI-driven effects, GPU-accelerated workflows, advanced motion tracking, HDR support, sophisticated colour grading tools and plug-ins ideally suited for video professionals in post-production facilities of all sizes and requirements. 

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For this review, we’ll be taking a look at the new features Magix is offering in Vegas 18.

  1. Vegas Pro 18 AI assisted video editing

One can utilise the AI-assisted editing to accomplish demanding tasks efficiently. For instance, one can use the “VEGAS Style Transfer” tool to apply the style of famous artists, such as Picasso and van Gogh, to their edits. With the AI colorisation effect one can instantly colorise the black and white images and footage. It’s a really impressive concept that we liked a lot.

2. The Color Grading Panel

The Vegas Pro 18 Colour Grading panel has been updated with a more natural and usable interface — similar to Premiere Pro – and adjusting the exposure feels natural in many ways.

The video editor provides an efficient, logical coluor grading workflow. You can adjust colours with sensitive colour wheels and curves. Thanks to the unique user-adjustable skin tone line for the Vectorscope and a powerful camera-like logarithmic exposure tool in the Color Grading panel, you have full control and accuracy – even in HDR.

Color Grading Panel

3. Audio Editing
One of the most important additions to Vegas Pro 18 is the Sound Forge 14 integration. Many video editors are already comfortable with Sound Forge and by being able to access it directly from the timeline it’s a PRO of the software. For those not familiar with Sound Forge, this tool allows one to edit, repair, reduce distortion or remove background noise of the video project.

Sound Forge Pro 14

4. Planar Motion Tracking
The motion tracking interface has also been updated in Vegas Pro 18 though it is not a strength of this video editing software one can still do the basics such as tracking an object as it moves through your video screen. track and pin text or apply colour grading to objects moving in perspective, turning toward you or away from you and changing dimensions as perspective changes.

5. Upcoming Cloud Management ToolsVegas Hub, Vegas Transfer & Vegas Prepare

Vegas Hub is a cloud management tool providing teams with secure file storage and centralized media file access. Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, VEGAS Hub acts as the central repository of control and information, enabling VEGAS Pro and other applications to communicate directly with the Hub for file download and upload, collection creation and management, and more.

Vegas will also be introducing an app that will allow you to transfer mobile files to the Hub – VEGAS Transfer. One will be able upload video media from their mobile device to their personal, secure cloud location for backup and collaboration. with direct access from the Vegas Pro Hub.

Vegas Pro 18 is something totally different from the 2005 video editor, which is not bad at all. 🙂 The product is intented for professionals but also for enthusiasts who have the time for learning a new product and/ or who might want to try something different than Adobe Premiere Pro. Vegas Pro is not a Final Cut Pro alternative as it is built for Windows only.

The price for Vegas Pro starts at $479 for 1 year license and you can also opt in for the subscription based plan – Vegas Pro 365 – starting at $19.99 per month. If you own an older version you can upgrade for $199.

Check out more of what Vegas has in store on their website and make sure you check out our blog and promo deals sections.

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