Top 5 plugins for Final Cut Pro

Your FCPX plugins must have for 2023 are here: 

Enthusiasts who use Final Cut Pro every day to create the most promotional or creative materials will benefit if they stay with us until the end of this article. Today we are talking about the 5 coolest plugins for Final Cut Pro that will make your work much easier, but will also increase the quality of all the products you will create. Let’s see the 2022 list of our top picks in terms of FCPX plugins:

  1. Best FCPX plugins – The winner is: MotionVFX mTracker 3D

It’s a plug-in that allows you to accurately duplicate the 3D movement of the camera that filmed your shot. mTracker 3D allows you to extend reality by simulating the original 3D space captured by the footage and inserting additional things within it. Once you’ve processed your footage, you can use the tracking data to add and synchronize additional content. You may now extend the reality of your photographs and fulfill your creative ideas with nothing but your imagination as a limit. Any object added to a tracked scene using mTracker 3D will naturally follow the camera’s movement as if it was there from the start!

To get you started, the mTracker 3D Essential Bundle includes over 150 trackable 3D titles, pointers, and captions.

You can utilize mTracker 3D in FCP with a number of titles, pointers, drop zone templates, and models that we’ve included. Check out the Expansion Packs for even more trackable items!

Price: USD/EUR 279

You can save money on mTracker 3D if you purchase the Essential bundle that includes also the Titles Packs, Pointers Pack and Captions Pack

2. Best FCPX plugins – CinemaGrade

Cinema Grade is a video grading plugin that works with FCP plus with the Final Cut Pro alternatives such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and DaVinci Resolve video editing software. You must purchase the relevant version of your editing software, but for an extra $29, you may unlock it so that it can be used with all three host applications. Cinema Grade is accessed from within the host program because it is a plugin, and after grading the footage, you return to the editing software to produce the final video.

The methods within the plugin are the same with any host package, but this review focuses on Cinema Grade with Final Cut Pro X.

Price: $69 – $199, depending on the plan you choose. Visit  CInemaGrade now!

3. Best FCPX plugins – FXFactory Pro

FxFactory is one of those uncommon Mac applications that you’ll only use once in a while. On the surface, it appears to be a marketplace for professional video plugins from 28 different developers, including Noise Industries, the concept’s creator. FxFactory is in charge of installing and updating plugins for suitable host applications, such as Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Adobe After Effects CC, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC, behind the scenes. Not all plugins are compatible with all hosts, and some are only available in FCPX—a refreshing difference from rival Red Giant’s preference for Adobe.

The main software (and over 20 of the plugins) is free to download, but the $399 Pro edition includes over 175 built-in effects, such as blurring, color corrections, distortions, generators, glows, halftones, tiling, transitions, and more. FxFactory is as simple to use as the Mac App Store. Four buttons at the top offer shortcuts to featured new goods, browsing the full catalog (or just the apps you’ve installed), and automatic updates when they’re available.

4. Top FCPX plugins – MotionVFX mFlare2

While you may get started quickly and easily with the provided presets, mFlare 2 is extremely comprehensive, adaptable, and easy to customize. Flare effects can be made in an infinite number for nearly any project that requires them.

With its exceptional quality, boundless diversity, and infinite options for adjustment, mFlare establishes a new benchmark for lens flare effects.

Visit the MotionVFX website to learn more as they provide a range of extensive tutorials describing how to use the software.

5. Best FCPX plugins – MotionVFX mBundle Film

MotionVFX’s mBundle Film is a collection of professional cinematic production tools comprising of: mLut Film, mTransition Shade, mTitle Cinematic, mFlare2, mFilmLook


If in our list of plugins compatible with Final Cut Pro you failed to find a tool that satisfies you, leave us a message and maybe we can recommend you other incredibly effective plugins. Until next time, don’t forget to be creative!

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