Top 5 Audio Editing Software for Video Editors 2023 [updated] 

Are you searching for the best audio software to edit your video content? Are you fed up with the audio limitations of your video editing software? We recommend you look at our extensive search for the best audio editing software to try it out (free and paid).

With the advent of vlogging and podcasting, video makers can choose new and improved tools to edit their audio materials. Whether you are a professional or you just started considering an external audio editing tool, we covered in this practical review, the top 5 audio editing tools for video editors of 2023.

1. Adobe Audition


Adobe Audition is probably the best audio editor in the market today.

Audition is a professional recording software used also to record podcasts, audiobooks, songs, and lectures. The main strength is the Adobe brand on it. Whatever Adobe puts on the market is guaranteed success.

Audition also has the advantage of being bundled with Adobe Creative Cloud. If you already have a subscription to Adobe CC for its powerful software suite, then Audition is a great bonus that you should consider trying. If you are a video editor using Adobe Premiere, this is the right add-on to your suite. Adobe Creative Cloud lets you easily move projects from Audition to Premiere and vice versa.

Audition has a stand-alone monthly subscription starting at $20.99. We recommend you if you are planning to edit your audio and video on the Adobe platform to take the advantage of the Bundle:

Currently, you can get the complete Adobe CC for $54.99 a month.

Adobe Audition is compatible with both Mac and PC.


Excellent Noise Reduction plugin

Easy integration with Adobe Premiere and Adobe Rush

Multitrack editing



Steep learning curve

Price: $20.99 monthly subscription

2. Ableton Live 11


Ableton Live’s approach to composition and arrangement is certainly unusual if you’re coming from a traditionally designed digital audio workstation. If you’re like me and prefer the latter, you’ll find there’s still plenty to be excited about here. And if you take to Ableton Live’s intuitive clip-based approach to building music tracks, you may find yourself completely immersed, creating new songs all the time and never needing another audio editing program again.

Ableton Live 11 is a powerful and intuitive performance and production toolkit, combining the simplicity of software with the immediacy of analog instruments. Live’s unique clip-based interface has been reimagined with a new perspective on music making; taking inspiration from hardware drum machines and percussion instruments to offer an experience that is both familiar and completely new.

Ableton Live is the complete software solution for musicians of all stripes. Offering a flexible and powerful interface, with an easy-to-understand layout and intuitive workflow. Ableton Live provides a unique approach to composing, recording, editing, and mixing audio. Features over fifty real-time effects, instruments, and more that can be added to any track at any time

Ableton Live is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows.


Free trial for 90 days

Live performance toolkit

User-friendly platform



Might need to take a course before mastering the software

Lack of collaboration integration

Price: starts at $99.00

3. Magix Sound Forge Audio Studio 16


Sound Forge Audio Studio 16 is a powerful wave editor that offers professional-level features for recording and editing audio projects. With support for 32-bit, 384khz recording, 5.1 surround files, and Ozone Elements 9 processing, it’s perfect for podcasting and audiobooks (if those are your jam). You can begin on entry-level gear and eventually graduate up to high-quality studio gear thanks to this software’s versatile toolkit.

You’ll get over 18 effects and 16+ audio repair tools. You’ll have the ability to record 32-bit, 384 kHz audio files (which is 8x better than CD quality) as well as up to 5.1 surround sound files using hardware like the M-Audio AV42 or Tascam US-1800. In addition, Ozone Elements 9 is an industry-standard mastering suite that gives you access to dozens of presets and tools for more complex effect chains like reverbs and multiband compressors that are otherwise only available at a professional studio.

Sound Forge Audio Studio 16 brings high-quality audio editing to your desktop. Sound Forge Studio 16 is the most advanced audio editor on the market. It’s compatible with all types of media, offering seamless built-in podcasting functionality.

Sound Forge Audio Studio 16 is compatible only with Windows.



Beginner’s friendly

5.1 surround quality

Complete audio editing toolkit


Focused on music production

Lack of external plugins

Price: starts at $49.99

4. Magix Acid Pro 11


Magix Acid Pro DAW is the perfect choice for sequencing multiple audio loops of differing tempi and pitches. With all the benefits of a DAW and an easy-to-use sequencer, it’s still one of the most popular loop production programs out there.

Magix’s Acid Pro DAW is still very much a thing in its own right, and version 11 is the latest update of this heavyweight sequencing tool. New features include a Morph Pads multi-effect, which offers an XY pad for creative sound design; plugins from Brainworx and other developers; an automatic tuner built into the transport panel; and more.

Acid Pro 11 is a complete studio tool for music production and sound design. The highlight is Morph Pads, a multi-effect plugin that allows you to create custom effects. Brainworx and other developers have built plugins for this top-of-the-line product. With tons of features and an automatic tuner built into the transport panel, Acid Pro 11 will take your sound to the next level.

Acid Pro 11 is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows.


Audio sequencing

Time stretch filters

Multitrack nondestructive sequencing


Live performance

Midi sequencing

learning curve

Price: starts at $199.00

5. Audacity


Audacity is a fast and easy-to-use audio editor that allows you to record and edit music, podcasts, voice recordings, and other sound files. Audacity works on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. Audacity supports several popular formats such as WAV and AIFF. It also supports file formats that are less common like FLAC (free lossless audio codec), OGG Vorbis, MP3, and many more.

Besides being easy to use, this free software also comes with a variety of plug-ins. One of these is the free audio editor known as FFmpeg, which can sync your audio files with a video. If you’re looking for free software that can work with basically all computers, this is the right choice.

Audacity is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


Free Community support

Plug-ins available


Basic editing toolkit

Medium learning curve

Price: FREE

What to consider before buying an audio editor.

In most DAWs (digital audio workstations), you will find many of the same features, such as drag and drop capabilities, automation, unlimited sample and track counts, advanced MIDI support, easy synchronization with video, and more. However, not all programs are built the same way. Some are simpler while others have more advanced tools specific to video editors who require more control over their soundtracks. So what program should you choose? It depends purely on your needs.

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