Skylum Luminar AI update 1.4 – what’s new

Finally the version 1.4 finally arrived on July 27!

What’s New

Bokeh AI portrait

The long-awaited Portrait Bokeh AI feature will help Luminar users achieve dreamy and spectacular portraits. Using artificial intelligence, this tool quickly analyzes the depth of an image and creates a beautiful background blur in seconds, adding a realistic and dreamy 3D bokeh effect to your portraits.

Bokeh Al creates a beautiful blurred background in seconds, adding a realistic and dreamy 3D bokeh effect to your portraits. You can use it to automatically reproduce the amazing background blur of a high quality lens at maximum aperture, to easily add volume, air and depth to your photos, to hide imperfections in a blurred background and to make the subject stand out in your photos.

Textures with visual preview

The improved Textures tool gives you incredible new possibilities. On the Local Masking tab, click + Add and select Textures. You can now visually browse the textures in the drop-down list and instantly get a feel for what your end result might look like (like in SkyAI and Augmented SkyAI).

Change of horizon control in SkyAI

In Update 4, you can enjoy significant improvements to the SkyAI tool. There is now a new slider that correctly adjusts the sky position. You can replace the sky and set the desired position of your horizon line with the Shifting Horizon Control slider in the Sky Orientation section. Instead of the Vertical Position, Horizontal Position, and Horizon Blend sliders, there is now only one smart control that saves time and is more efficient at getting your sky texture replaced exactly where you want.

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