11 Reasons to Choose Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate (and 3 against it)

To put it simple: Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate is the tool for professional-looking videos. Even if you’re not an expert in video editing, this software will bring you closer to that level of professionalism. As Corel software will do.

It’s definitely not suited for pure beginners. However, if you’re among those trained to start from a pretty high level of quality and force a bit their learning curve, Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate is for you.

At a glance

Before deciding in favor of a purchase, consider your computer performance. This tool requires a powerful one, for you to get the most out of video editing.

It is suited only for Windows, not for Macs.

Letting aside these drawbacks, Pinnacle Studio 23 (Ultimate version) is full of options that allow for professional editing in a decent amount of time.

It includes a guide that takes you through a virtual tour of the software, getting you accustomed to its main features:

  • Import a file;
  • Edit it with trim and cut;
  • Add and customize transitions (grouped by 7 categories, ranging from standard to 3D transitions);
  • Add effects (grouped by 8+ categories, among which Camera, Color, Audio and 360 Video effects);
  • Attach audio and adjust settings for good synch;
  • Save the file you’ve edited;
  • Export the video file.

Professionalism in a nutshell

Once you get to know the software interface (which is pretty clear and has optimally structured options for video editing), Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate provides more:

  • Colors adjustment – you can play with Highlight colors, Medium Colors and Shades; you can use color grading;
  • Transitions and effects – they come in handy for artistic video presentations, or just perfect professional ones;
  • Plenty of options – you’ll have the occasion to explore some new options every time you restart working with it.

What you can do with Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate

This is good software for all of the following:

  • Convert multiple images into a clip and create nice videos from disparate photos;
  • Edit a raw video file, so it looks nice, up to loveable;
  • Edit 360 videos and give fun effects to the clip (good to use for flying drones and aerial photography);
  • Screen recording (good to use for tutorials).

Depending on what you want to use the software for, it provides enough options to take original files from raw material to complex, beautiful videos.

All it takes is find the steps you have to follow for the process.

How you can edit files

The editing process can go from simple to complex, based on your previous experience with video editing and according to your ambitions.

When starting using the software: please take into account that the tool is pretty intuitive, however, at times you might encounter some difficulties in dealing with advanced settings. To help you, there’s a User Manual you can easily access from the software interface.

In the upper part of the screen, you have 3 main options that should guide you through the editing process: an Import option (you’ll import files into the tool), an Edit option (you’ll use it mainly), an Export option (you export the final video file in a format you choose).

Advanced uses of the software: Some examples of complex editing: you can add two row videos and make up one video file that unifies them, you can add fancy titles and you can use options for voiceover.

This requires some in-depth exploration of the split screen function, audio settings, etc.

What you’ll get:

Almost any video you want. Simply save the file to review it later and go on editing, if you’re not ready to release it to the online world. Or else, if you find it perfected, export it and show it to your audience.

Any number of projects in your library, categorized in collections (with specific effects and media). Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate provides options for a good management of projects, so you stay organized and have a clean picture of your work, any time you open the tool.

What others say about Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate

The Pinnacle guru is Jeff Naylor. You can refer to its books and video tutorials any time, to speed up your learning of the product.

As we said, depending on the type of videos you want to create, you need to find the right steps to follow and create a path that’ll take you to successfully finishing a certain type of edited video files. With Pinnacle Studio, you’re able to adjust the software interface so it’s configured to your editing style.

With the latest product version, major improvements in the software stability were made. Some voices complained about previous versions, as the software used to freeze and crash, and it required top performing computers to run on (all depending on the power of CPU and how a computer handles increase in work load). However, Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate has come over this problem, and it’s much better to work with this version.

Price Side…

Regarding price, Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate reflects its quality, without being too expensive. For a professional tool, it’s well worth the money. At present, the software can be purchased at €109.95. Keep watching for discounts, as you can profit from offers, still benefiting from the quality product that Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate is.

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