Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate (What’s New)

If you are familiar with Pinnacle Studio then you should know that is a great tool, exclusively for Windows users. Check the Pinnacle Studio 24 system requirements. With the Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate new edition, you can truly experience a professional grade video editing software at half of the price from its competitors.


Operating system: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD A4 3.0 GHz or higher RAM: 4 GB or higher
Graphics card: Minimum resolution 1024 x 768, minimum 256MB VGA VRAM
Hard drive space: 8 GB HDD space for full installation


Pinnacle Studio 24


Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate features includes:

  • new possibilities with Video Masking
  • new ability to create custom motion title graphics with the redesigned Title Editor
  • 4K editing
  • new overlays and graphics
  • ENHANCED key-framing controls to streamline your editing
  • new filters, titles, graphics, and overlays
  • Apply color corrections and filters for instant effects
  • Explore tools for Split Screen Video, Stop Motion Animation
  • Advanced Keyframing
  • Multicamera editing
  • Multiplatform video sharing


Pinnacle 24 Studio Video Masking

Video Masking with Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate

New to Pinnacle Studio 24 comes the revolutionary editing power of video masking! The pinnacle of video editing tools, video masks are a powerful feature for accomplishing everything from basic fixes like face blurring and subject enhancement, to pro-level edits like removing unwanted objects, creating clones of subjects, blurring faces, and customizing creative transitions, titles or effects. Video masks can reduce or eliminate the need to reshoot footage, as you can combine and alter clips like never before and achieve Hollywood level cinematic effects!

Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate – You might also consider these:

  • Time Remapping
  • Add motion and visual interest with Pan and Zoom
  • Emphasise motion on screen with Motion Blur effects
  • Capture and edit video across multiple cameras
  • Record your screen, webcam, and system audio simultaneously
  • Create content for a YouTube channel, web series, or vlog
  • Record webinars, create tutorials, and produce gaming videos
  • Advanced color grading features
  • New and improved mastering audio tool

Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate Review & Ending Notes

If you have somewhat experience with video editing softwares and you don’t want to spend too much on a software because maybe you do this for fun or your hobby, I strongly advise to get hold of Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate. It is also a great tool for screen recording, allowing you to record your screen while making a course, a presentation etc. With Pinnacle you get 2 tools for the price of 1.


Pinnacle 24 Studio now only $ 49.95 ($1O OFF)

  • ENHANCED Editing across 6 tracks
  • NEW Title Editor
  • ENHANCED Keyframe controls
  • Color correction tools
  • Multi-camera editing for 2 cameras
  • 20+ MyDVD menu templates

Pinnacle 24 Studio PLUS now only $79.95 ($20 OFF)

  • ENHANCED Editing across 24 tracks
  • NEW Title Editor
  • ENHANCED Keyframe controls
  • Basic Color Grading
  • Multi-camera editing for 4 cameras
  • 50+ MyDVD menu templates
  • Basic Motion Tracking
  • Audio Ducking

Pinnacle 24 Studio ULTIMATE now only $99.95 ($30 OFF)

  • ENHANCED Editing across unlimited tracks
  • NEW Title Editor
  • NEW Dynamic Video Masking
  • ENHANCED Keyframe controls
  • ENHANCED Motion Tracking with Mosaic Blur
  • Advanced Color Grading
  • Multi-camera editing for 6 cameras
  • 100+ MyDVD menu templates
  • Audio Ducking
  • 4K Video Editing
  • 360° Video Editing
  • Seamless Transitions
  • Alpha Channel Export



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