Top Reasons why Movavi Video Suite is a Good Choice for Beginners

The Movavi Video Suite comes at a pretty affordable price. So, if you want to start video editing and learn the basics to further turn into an expert, Movavi video editing software is for you.

All its basic elements are easy to use, and it has a user-friendly interface. For specialists in video editing however, this is not quite the right tool to use.

Let’s see why you should consider purchasing Movavi Video Suite 2022 Edition:

  • It has a user-friendly, nice interface you can easily get familiar with. You’ll soon discover its options and start video editing right away.
  • It has a short learning curve. The time to get acquainted to the software features counts about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • It provides a 7-day free trial, the time you’ll have to explore the tool, balance its pros and cons and see if it’s right for you.
  • The videos can be imported into the tool, for you to start editing them. However, there’s no option for preview and rearrangement of clips, you’ll have to start directly editing them.
  • The final products (your edited videos) can be exported in MP4 form and not only, and they can be published directly on YouTube.
  • The tool has presets for various mobile devices.
  • You can also work with screen recording, in case you need to create online tutorials.

Overall, Movavi Video Suite is best for novices that start out in video editing and need some simpler tools to learn the basic techniques.

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The editing part

Cut and split videos

You can cut and split videos the way you want. Two variants are available for trimming videos:

A. In the Timeline, hover your mouse cursor over the edge of the clip which has unwanted footage. Then, click and drag this edge towards the center of the track to hide the frames you want to remove.

B. Select the clip you want to trim. Then, in the player, find the triangle markers at the beginning and the end of the progress bar, and drag one of the markers toward the center of the track.

You can also split the videos in the middle and even cut out unwanted parts from the raw video.

You can remove as many fragments as you want, and you can split videos into multiple parts. It’s up to you how you want the video to look like, and Movavi Video Editor knows that.

Crop and rotate videos and images

This options are useful if you want to suppress unwanted margins from the video pictures, or if you want to give a different focus to the video.

You can crop a video picture by accessing Options under the preview area.

For rotating videos, the tool has a set of dedicated options. In case the raw video is not correctly oriented or if you want to level the horizon, or stylishly change the orientation angle, Movavi Video Editor will help with its features.

You can rotate videos by accessing the options under the preview area, as well.

Adding effects to your videos

Clicking on the effects button will take you to the various options Movavi Video Editor makes available. You have the option to compare the initial video version with the new version with effects applied to it. To get better oriented in the list of effects, you can either explore the available effects, one by one, and then decide which to use, or you can use the search field at the bottom of the list, to find a particular effect you already have in mind.

After you’ve decided upon the effects you want for your video, you can apply them to your video, in two ways:

1. Click and drag the necessary effect onto the clip you want to apply it to.

2. In the Timeline, select a video or image clip to apply the effect to. Then, select an effect and click the Apply button at the bottom of the Effects tab.

After you have browsed the available effects, selected those you want and applied them to your video, you can also customize the effects:

  • Apply an overlay
  • Change the colors of an overlay
  • Set the highlights, midtones and shadows for that effect
  • Set the colors contrast according to your preferences.

You can also save a customized effect, copy and apply it to different clips in the timeline.

Fades and Transitions

When you come to this part of your video editing work, you can explore the tool’s options for adding effects and transitions between video pictures.

You can apply fade in/fade out effects and the beginning and/or the end of the video, or you can use fade options to make a smoother transition between different parts of the video.

Adding titles to videos

You can add and customize texts for the video titles. With this video editor, you can choose

  • Text font
  • Dimensions
  • Colors
  • You can make the text bold, italics, underline it, etc.
  • Set the duration while it appears onto the screen
  • You can add a shadow to the title text
  • You can add animations to the title text.

Adding Slideshows

A handy feature is that of adding slideshows. You might have a set of pictures you want to include in a video. This tool will help you with transition effects, and fades to the beginning or to the end of the movie, for a better experience.

All in all, Movavi Video Editor is a nice tool to have, if you plan to learn video editing. It has some drawbacks in terms of professional features, but, as a beginner, you only want your videos to look good, with a set of options you’ve just learned, right?

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