How to edit TikTok Videos using [updated]

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How to create amazing videos for TikTok using

Learn how to edit TikTok videos using the platform. makes it easy to make the most of your video sharing experience with fast, powerful editing tools that help you create and share your best work. is an incredible video editing tool that allows you to capture and edit clips in real-time. is a platform that makes it easy to turn your TikTok videos into engaging videos with text and music and new those very catchy subtitles used by influencers such as Andrew Tate, Grant Cardone, Jack Paul and so on. makes your edits look better by using the same face detection algorithm as TikTok, so your edits will always fit perfectly into a cellphone screen! provides all the tools you need to edit your video and add effects in one easy-to-use interface for creating TikTok, KiloTV, or Instagram videos. is very beginner’s friendly and it let you make amazing videos. The free version is great but if you want to make great content, the paid version offers you an even better experience and watermark-free content.  Using, you can add music and replace the audio track with a soundtrack of your choice and its easy as copy-pasting a phrase on . You can also crop clips or insert text overlays.

The app is simply amazing for content creators that wants something easy, realiable and time effective.

How to edit TikTok videos using the app app screenshot

Step 1. Import your video by selecting the TikTok content link, and enter the Username and Password of your account. 

Step 2. Drag your video,   add a caption or tag your friends. 

Step 3. Add music, filters, overlays, and transitions. Adjust effects by moving on each effect (trail, cartoonize, etc.) 

Step 4. Save and Export it on your PC or device. 

Step 5. Upload it on TikTok and enjoy your newly created content!


TikTok is a popular short video app loved by millions of users around the world. Unfortunately, we all need different levels of help when it comes to editing our videos. Some of us may need to add text, for example, while others would like to add effects such as filters or stickers.

With the latest update to TikTok, we have all been given the opportunity to edit and customize our videos for up to 10 minutes; whether we require a quick fix or full customization. The brand offers a variety of unique features from adding text and filters to cropping and resizing. Current Promo & Deals

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