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Adobe Premiere Pro why does it stand at the top?

Adobe Premiere PRO is said to rank on top of video editors. It is deemed the best of all, and righteously so, in many aspects.

However, beware that the tool might not function with some older versions of Windows and Mac.

Its installation requires Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) version 1703 or later and macOS v10.12 or later (v10.13 or later required for hardware acceleration).

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Learning sections

Adobe Premiere PRO has 3 tutorials that help you get accustomed to the tool. By consulting them, you’ll know where to locate different elements of the video editor and how to use them effectively, and elegantly, to create top-notch videos.

It’s important not to skip this step, and start from a solid base when deciding to edit video files with Adobe Premiere PRO.


This video editor makes it simple for professionals and newbies alike to organize their working place within the tool.

The workspace consists of several panels you can customize to fit your working style, and groups of panels you can use for your project.

If you have multiple projects currently under work, you can import the workspace you’ve defined for one of them, to the others. Then, you can rearrange panels and groups of panels, so as to fit the working style required for the other projects.

This is a handy solution that helps professionals deal with multiple projects at the same time, and put effective work into bringing them to a successful end.

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Workspace in Adobe Premiere PRO

Create a project

For all new projects that you create, Adobe Premiere creates project files. You can adjust settings for your projects, as follows:

  • Video Rendering and Playback – it controls whether the software or hardware function of the Mercury Playback Engine is enabled or not.
  • Title Safe Area – specifies how much of the frame edge to mark as a safe zone for titles;
  • Action Safe Area – Specifies how much of the frame edge to mark as a safe zone for action. Actions are assumed to require a smaller safe zone than titles;
  • Display format;
  • Capture format;
  • Scratch disks.

You can also work with multiple open projects and shared projects.

Adding to and editing clips in a sequence

You can add clips in a sequence by using multiple options, among which we mention:

  • Drag the clip from the Project panel or Source Monitor to a Timeline panel or the Program Monitor.
  • Use the Insert and Overwrite buttons in the Source Monitor to add clips to a Timeline panel. Or use the keyboard shortcuts associated with those buttons.
  • Automatically assemble a sequence from the Project panel.

You can add both video and audio to a sequence. Then, start editing the files, as you want. The audio clip has to be compatible with the target track.

As well, you can mix clips in a sequence, with different frame rates, aspect ratios, and sizes. This way, the video will become more of what you want it to be, through careful editing and using the multiple options of Adobe Premiere PRO.

Embellish videos with graphics and motion graphics. Add titles to your videos

With Adobe Premiere PRO, you can embellish your videos by adding some graphics and even motion graphics to it.

Graphics can be added and edited from the Essential Graphics panel, and you can start from pre-defined templates you’ll find in the Motion Graphics templates section of the tool.

The Essential Graphics panel in Adobe Premiere PRO

Graphics range from simple presentations to more complex ones (such as lower thirds, and bumpers). If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended that you start creating simple graphics until you get fully knowledgeable of the multiple and complex options the tool provides.

For intermediate users, Adobe Premiere is the right tool to get you to the next level of video editing skills. The possibility to create your own graphics and integrate them into the videos will perfect your work and help you become a video editing expert.

Editing graphics

You have to use the Edit tab contained by the Essential Graphics panel. From here, you can adjust individual layers, switch layers order, and adjust other parameters.

Adobe Premiere also contains Responsive Design features, thus taking into account the adaptability of the videos to display on different devices (including tablets and mobile).

Adding text

For the graphics you have included in the video, you can also add text and titles. Click the Program Monitor where you’d like to place the text, and start typing in the words of the text that’ll accompany that video sequence. The text can be customized (colors, fonts, capital letters, background – opacity and size of the text background, shadow – distance, angle opacity, blur of the shadow, etc.) using the same Edit tab of the Essential Graphics panel.

Take advantage of effects (video & audio)

Adobe Premiere PRO also ranks on top for the wide range of effects it provides. The effects (both audio and video) fall into these categories:

  • Fixed effects
  • Standard effects
  • Clip-based or track-based effects
  • Accelerated effects
  • 32-bit Color effects
  • YUV effects

As a beginner in using Adobe Premiere, you might want to explore some of the available options, before deciding what to insert into your projects. The tool lets you enable multiple effects, by toggling multiple buttons on, and thus helps you watch a filtered list of effects.

All in all, Adobe Premiere PRO is a tool that takes a video editor to the utmost level of professionalism. However, the learning curve can be considerable, even considering the tutorials provided by the tool and the amount of information available online. But if you want to become an expert in video editing, and create videos that will mesmerize people they are addressed to, it’s worth the effort.

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