Best video editing software for Windows 10 – 2021 Edition

By Geo L.

We are living in a world that choose to share every single event of their lifes. But to have a story, a narrative, not some random images we need some tools. We are happy to introduce the BEST VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 10.

Here are our top 6.

Our #1 choice is Adobe Premier Pro– Adobe is leading video editing software for film, TV and why not video creators that we see nowdays on social media. Premier Pro has automated tools powered by Adobe Sensei that save time when you’re beeing creative and those integrated workflows give you the liberty to polish your art without leaving the timeline. If your concern is the format, no worries, you can edit footage in any format, from 8K to virtual reality. 

Adobe premier Pro works flawless with hundreds of third-party extensions as: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Audition etc.

The best part of Adobe is the Premier Rush. Is a new all-in-one app that works in all your devices. You can film and edit on your personal computer or on your phone and then just share it to social media.

Vegas Pro 18 â€“ from the Vegas Pro 17 we got Vegas Pro 18 with AI( artificial intelligence). VP18 has a new future that lets Van Gogh or Da Vinci be a part of your video. What do I mean? You can apply visual style of the world’s greatest artist and paintings to give a unique look. 

Colorization it will give a wow factor for those old photos of your grandparents weeding photos that are black and white. With the power of Intel OpenVino, the Colorization filter with the help of AI will bring your black and white photos to vivid color.

Pinnacle Studio 24a few features are screen recording and multi-camera editing, add graphic or text to moving objects with motion tracking, create fast or slow motion effects with time remapping, censor moving objects with mosaic blur. 

Pinnacle studio 24 offers three  version of their latest version: studio version, studio plus version and studio ultimate. The difference between is made by the storyboard, multi-camera editing,color grading, motion tracking, video masking and also video resolution.

Magix Movie Edit Pro– if you were wondering „ Is Magix Movie Editor compatible with Windows 10?” The answer is YES. All latest MAGIX from 2015 and their plugins and previous versions work with Windows 10. 

The software has all the essential tools as: importing, editing, add final touches or presenting films. What will really impress a beginner in editing is the full support of the editing wizards. Wizards offer help for the entire workflow, from  media transfer from your camera to burning a finished video to DVD.

Microsoft Photos it is of course included on our list. It is a modern video editor. It was first included in Windows 8 as a replacement for Windows Photo Viewer. Video editor was known as Story Remix an is a 3D video editing software intended to replace the old Windows Movie Maker. This feature was added to Microsoft Photos with the Fall Creators Update to Windows 10.

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